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New Moon in Aries
“This workshop was extremely powerful. I am actually finding it hard to describe it as it was an experience I’ve never had before. I am new to the whole spirituality world. I never used to believe it existed. My intuition was just my mind to me. I was a very rational person and spiritual stuff all seemed a bit ‘airy fairy’. This workshop totally changed my view and my life. When you see or hear truth, you cannot deny it. This was the experience I had with Toks. I couldn’t deny what I was experiencing. I felt the energy in my body move, so much so, I broke down into tears because the revaluation was so intense. I left the meditation workshop feeling so empowered as a person and understand the potential I have in me to be great, powerful and a beacon of light to others. Peace, Love, Power.”

Gary Reich

Full Moon in Taurus with Sun in Scorpio
“An exquisite, perfectly formed two hour experience from the second I entered the front door: from the moment I smelt the wave of divine essence floating down the stairs; to the spiral dancing!”

Yanni Konstantinopulos

Blue Full Moon in Pisces
“As always, your meditational workshops are fabulous. This time I really have claimed my power: it is back in my body and at my command and mine only. I used to dim my power so as not to scare people on one level and on another level to go down to their level so as to help them due to my kindness. I now realise I have one task and one alone, to SHINE my light to become the truth of my I AM presence. Ho and so it is.”


New Moon in Taurus
“Hi Toks, thanks very much for your emails that you sent out. I have attached a photomontage as you suggested in your email. It was a very useful exercise. I feel the homework was very useful, especially in light of the recent spring equinox in March. I was eager to plant my seeds and let them grow to fruition in the year. However, with the New Moon Taurean energy, I want my ideas to be grounded and realistic. This was a perfect opportunity to reassess my objectives and find out what gives me pleasure in terms of my career and how to achieve them. By completing the photomontage with a specific timeframe (new to waxing), it not only helped me to get serious about my goals but it also helped to realise the significance of using cosmic energies to manifest things in your life…”As above So below”. Many thanks.”

Becky York

New Moon in Libra
“Such a joyous meditation. Thank you for creating a space for precise, exact, detailed and personalised readings of light.”


New Moon in Libra
“Very powerful meditation. Really liked the work with the crystals. This was about rebalancing misunderstanding for me.”

Anne-Mette Hedensted

Full Moon in Egypt
“You are very special to me....I feel very blessed that you were there on this trip to protect us all.....An inner strength that I didn't know was there is growing and growing inside me thanks to your nourishing love. I learned to be more assertive and to separate truth from illusions from you. I'm no longer afraid - I know my own light and strength - thank you again for that!!! I learned to trust myself much more and to claim my power and light...I remember our Full Moon Meditation in Egypt which was a truly beautiful and unforgettable experience and the healing you did to me on the plane going home....!!! You have magical hands... ;-) Thank you!"

Georgina Stupar

Full Moon in Virgo and Sun in Pisces
“The meditation was peaceful and beautiful. I felt my body being uplifted, as if I was being transported to a higher place. I feel clear, strong and powerful and excited about my vision. The repetition of the words used in the meditation, were very powerful. Thank you and bless you.”

Jelena Radonjic

Full Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra
"Dear Toks, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It was an amazing experience with some very valuable realisations to take home."

Sharon Gordon

Full Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra
"Thank you. It is such an honour to finally be here in your circle – I felt welcomed from the very moment I walked through the door. It’s been an amazing, uplifting, nurturing and loving experience. Thank you from my heart to yours. Much Love."

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